WaxNax, Dabs & Tech: The Latest in Dab Tools

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

With so much innovation occurring recently in our new reality of legalized cannabis, it’s easy to become lost in a sea of new tools, accessories, and merchandise that are quite literally flying onto smoke shop shelves worldwide. Here at WaxNax, we realize the importance of finding and implementing the appropriate tools to make the dabbing experience optimally effective, while maintaining a low level of waste. Safe and functional dab rigs are the cornerstones of a stimulating high, and with our WaxNax glass inserts by your side you will be well on your way!

Not sure what you should use? Have no fear, we’re here to help. Allow WaxNax to be your guide to the latest and most efficient tools on the market. Keep reading to find out about some choice dab products that will surely satisfy the needs of any beginners or seasoned vets alike, both at home and on-the-go.

dabbing vaping accessories

Dabs at Home

Thankfully, the days of your parents’ 70s-style plastic tube bong are over. We no longer have to rely on questionable male/female pieces (aluminum, anyone?) that surely cause irreparable damage to users’ throats and lungs. While this technology has been getting better and better throughout the past 25 years, we are only just now seeing the emergence of products that are specifically tailored to the concentrates community.

Ideally, for the intermediate smoker we recommend choosing a sturdy bong for your at-home dabbing experience. While elaborate custom pieces are amazing to look at, often times accidents will happen, and they usually come when you least expect it. When your pooch decides to wag that tail a little too close to your fancy piece, you’ll regret your decision while picking up tiny pieces of glass from your floor and rug; certainly not the best way to spend a Saturday night, we think. Instead, we suggest starting with something simple such as this Custom Creations Single Perc.

Using an ample-sized banger (male piece or slide) is important whether or not you’re dabbing with our WaxNax glass inserts, or with the various other concentrates currently on the legal market. Minimalism is key here also, therefore choosing the right banger should center on functionality. High-powered torches will test the limits of the glass, so be sure to invest in a solid product, such as this Flat Top Banger by AFM.

dabbing vaping technology accessories

Dabbing On The GO

When the first dabbers started dabbing, really the only option was to enjoy the concentrates at home. Thankfully, it is now 2019 and contemporary dab enthusiasts are no longer confined to sit in their house. Modern users can successfully pursue their active lifestyles due to various portable dabbing products now available. From portable vaporizers to electric nails, consumers are free to enjoy relief wherever and whenever they may need it.

WaxNax glass inserts work great with many of the products out there right now, however there is one portable option that we believe really sets the bar regarding optimal dabbing experiences:

Our friends at HuniBadger (Vertical Vaporizer) are revolutionizing portable dabs with their products. Their compact, rechargeable, and easy-to-use rig is perfect for any activity or adventure. Stylish colors, add-ons, and protection options (an extra perk is its waterproof case, for that extreme kayak excursion) make these products an ideal choice for any modern cannabis user. And, with no chamber to load and no torch necessary, it is by far one of the easiest and safest rigs on the market.

The WaxNax Advantage

Providing the best and most consistent dab experience for our clients is our biggest priority. Luckily, the versatility of our WaxNax glass inserts ensures that no matter what kind of rig you have, you’ll always be getting the most out your dab. Our meticulously measured 37.5mg inserts are designed to work with any rig combination, both on-the-go and in the comfort of your home, studio, garage, or virtually anywhere!

Keep following the WaxNax blog to stay informed on the latest in cannabis innovation, culture, and technology. Keep Dabbing for your Health and may the ‘Nax be with you!