Dabs & Mountain Sports: Proper ‘Elevation’

Planning a trip up the mountain for ‘active relaxation’ this summer? Whether you’re a beginner mountain biker, expert climber, or just looking to explore the wilderness and its variety of trails and activities - staying safe, nourished, and responsibly “lifted”...

Dab Nails, Bangers & Concentrates

As more and more states become poised to vote a resounding ‘Yes’ on legalizing cannabis use, it’s safe to say that “The Concentrate Revolution” is in full swing. WaxNax is proud to be leading the movement, as highlighted in this recent Dope Magazine feature on our CEO...

WaxNax, Dabs & Tech: The Latest in Dab Tools

With so much innovation occurring recently in our new reality of legalized cannabis, it’s easy to become lost in a sea of new tools, accessories, and merchandise that are quite literally flying onto smoke shop shelves worldwide. Here at WaxNax, we realize the...

Dabs & the Environment

Is Smoking Dabs More Environmentally Friendly and Healthier Compared to Smoking Flower? The Dab Revolution is taking the world by storm. Throughout the United States and other countries where medicinal or recreational pot is legal, beginners and connoisseurs alike are...

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