How It Works

At WaxNax your questions are important to us. We want our users to be as up to date on the WaxNax process as possible. On this page you can find everything you need to know about using WaxNax. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions.

6 Easy Steps

1. Drop It
2. Heat It
3. Dab It
4. Grab It
5. Remove It
6. Dispose It

Using Your WaxNax

How To Open Your WaxNax

Cold Starting Your WaxNax

How To Clean Your Tweezers


Flipped Insert

We understand that our inserts can sometimes flip on their sides. Don’t stress! Use your tweezer to flip it right side up and be ready for a tasty hit. 

PuffCo Peak

The Puffco Peak works fantastic with the WaxNax inserts. Keep your atomizer clean and in good shape.

Best way to use:

  • • Use highest heat level (white)
  • • Heat Puffco Peak once before dropping insert
  • • After heated once, drop insert in and cap
  • • Heat Puffco once more and get ready for lift off