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Our Mission

Our mission is to

Perfect the Cannabis Extract Experience

While Pushing The Entire Cannabis Industry Forward Through Innovation, Advocacy, And Consumer Education.

How We Got Here

On a sunny morning in Santa Barbara, California, founders Lex and Matt were gathered around for an early morning dab sesh with a few friends. Since some of the group were not experienced concentrate users, Lex started estimating small dabs of shatter, rolling the dabs into pre-portioned ‘shatter balls’ in attempts to simplify the process. The revolutionary thought seemed to strike each of us at the same time:

“Why aren’t dabs packaged and sold in individual, pre-portioned doses?”

In search of an answer, WaxNax LLC was formed in 2018 and we began developing a solution.

After a year of R&D, we released our preloaded glass inserts that allow consumers to regulate dosage, dab on-the-go, experience improved flavor, no longer clean dirty rigs, protect their lungs, and reduce their carbon footprints with less waste.

Ultimately, we aim to create the optimal consumption experience for all concentrate users. Whether you’re a first time dabber looking for a safe and controllable introduction, or a veteran concentrate connoisseur in search of that perfect hit, WaxNax inserts provide a high-quality dabbing experience designed to suit your needs.

Environmental Friendliness & Mission

During R&D, our founders noticed a waste problem in cannabis packaging and knew their product needed to play a part in reducing it. Due to outdated cannabis packaging laws, the concentrate sector contributes an unnecessary amount of glass and plastic waste to the environment. WaxNax believes it is crucial that all companies in all sectors seek to minimize their carbon footprint and aid in bettering the world around us.

WaxNax has taken initiative to drive such change: we use 69% less glass per one gram unit than the industry standard gram jar. In addition, to manufacture our boxes, we’ve partnered with Crativ Boxes, who were recently named one of the most sustainable packaging solutions in the industry by High Times Magazine.

Consumers can repurpose WaxNax packaging in a number of ways. You can use our boxes and circular foam packaging to store jewelry and flies for fly fishing. You can also remove foam and repurpose WaxNax to store joints, edibles, dab tools, business cards, headphones, etc. We’re always looking for new ways to reuse our products — if you find one, let us know!

We continue to seek, evaluate, and innovate more sustainable packaging materials. We are also on the lookout for legislative changes that would enable more sustainable practices, such as returns for reuse.

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