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Dab Nails, Bangers & Concentrates

As more and more states become poised to vote a resounding ‘Yes’ on legalizing cannabis use, it’s safe to say that “The Concentrate Revolution” is in full swing. WaxNax is proud to be leading the movement, as highlighted in this recent Dope Magazine feature on our CEO and Founder, Lex Kaplan. Consequently, here at WaxNax we could not be more excited and hopeful about what the future has in store for the industry and more importantly for our clients.

This new frontier heralds an era of unprecedented, unlimited potential for the highest levels of self-care. Being informed, educated, and up-to-date on the latest developments will not only ensure that you’re getting the most out of your medicine; you’ll also be doing it with style and convenience.

A stellar dabbing experience begins and ends with the medium you choose to use. In our previous blog we touched on dab tech as it relates to rigs – now we will look more closely at the tools involved with the actual combustion of the concentrates. Confused? Don’t be. Keep reading as we break down the differences between dab nails and bangers, the pros and cons of different styles, upkeep tips, and which apparatus would work best for your setup.

What is a Dab Nail?

Dab nails are tools used to heat essential oils, or in our case: concentrates. This slide piece is most often a fully downward vertical insert for the specific rig you use. Shaped (as its name suggests) like a nail, it is then heated via torch or an alternate electric heater. Most nails on the market are made of titanium, which is certainly a plus for the accident-prone, and they also have great heat retention.

A potential drawback to this method is the use of a dome that may or may not come with the rig of your choice. While seemingly increasing efficiency, the added component can surely clutter your setup, and can actually create vapor waste. Beginners would do well to try out this Highly Educated Trinity Domeless Nail. Another con is that titanium nails of questionable manufacturing may also be dangerous for your health. Therefore, if you’re going the dab nail route, we recommend Grav Lab’s Domeless Quartz Nail.

What is a Dab Banger?

Resembling a hammer, dab bangers differ from dab nails in that they are designed to slope away from the face, and also have much larger dabbing surfaces their counterparts. Certainly with so many concentrates out there, the savvy smoker will want to invest in a rig that can handle the versatility of a constantly changing market, and in regards to a pro/con comparison – we couldn’t agree more.

Bangers are usually made out of glass or quartz. Glass bangers are the cheaper option and usually come with the rig you purchase, but there is only one choice that stands out when it comes to retaining the flavor profiles of your tasty concentrates: quartz. This option may not be the sturdiest when anticipating accidents, but what it lacks in durability it certainly makes up in flavor and heat retention. We recommend the Jason Hoyes Quartz Banger. Perhaps the biggest advantage that bangers such as this one offer the modern dabber is a larger surface area that can handle various forms (shatter, wax, budder, etc.) of concentrates as well as revolutionary insert technology: our WaxNax glass inserts.

How do I clean my Nail/Banger?

A clean rig yields a clean and flavorful inhale. While this seems self-explanatory, sometimes our busy lifestyles make us neglect some basic necessities when it comes to our health and comfort. Those of us that employ cannabis in their daily routine deserve the best when it comes to self-care, and thus it is important to also know how to maintain clean tools, for the health of our wallets and more importantly, for ours!

Our WaxNax glass inserts require minimal cleanup, however with so many other products on the market, being informed on proper technique is vital. Start by taking a ziploc and soaking your piece in 99% ISO Alcohol and an ample amount of salt. After about 25 min, rinse out the alcohol and salt and run your banger under warm water. Fill a new Ziploc bag with warm water and let the piece sit for another 15 min or so until all the residue comes off, or is easily removable with a Q-tip. Let it completely dry and now you’re ready for clean dabs! Repeat the process as necessary.

The right tools are just as important as the right strain. Keep following the WaxNax blog for more on the latest dab tech, industry trends, and general cannabis knowledge & may the ‘Nax be with you!

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