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Concentrates in Review: 2019’s Hottest Dab-ables

Everything is ‘heating up’ now that summer’s right around the corner; after such a long and unpredictable winter, we are all undoubtedly dreaming of dusting off our bathing suits, getting some much needed sunshine, and scheming of all the excellent warm-weather adventures to come. While you’re packing for that weekend getaway, you’ll want to be sure you grab the essentials in everyday self-care. Whether you’re a casual user who just wants to stay lifted, or a daily consumer of CBD for pain management, 2019 has already been an exciting year.

New strains (or cultivars) are budding even as you’re reading this article. With so much growth in the legal cannabis industry, intrepid entrepreneurs and experienced growers are creating new frontiers within genetics that are changing the landscape (for the better). The intermingling of classic landraces with modern exotic cultivars has given birth to the best looking, tasting, and smelling buds we’ve seen to date.

Keep reading for some exclusive WaxNax picks to ensure your enjoyment wherever you end up adventuring this summer!

THC-heavy Dab-ables

It seems that, on a yearly basis people’s moods tend to improve as we glide into the summer season and the weather starts to become ideal for the outdoors. Being once again enveloped by warmth and sunshine, with bbqs and cozy campfire hangs, hiking among the Redwoods or Evergreens – it’s easy to want to keep that feeling going. And, why not? Now you can stretch those good vibes by adding some herbal enhancement. Try these handpicked WaxNax-endorsed concentrates and you’ll surely be feeling consistently ‘irie’:

Danky Kong Shatter– This heavy-indica dominant strain (90% indica/10% sativa) is a great heavy hitter for the high-THC enthusiast. With a quick onset, this dab complements well with cocktails by the pool: the ultimate in relaxation.

Golden Strawberry Sauce– A slightly more sativa-dominant heavyweight (60% sativa/40% indica), this classic cross of the Golden Goat and Strawberry cultivars will have you lit for hours, and is known to induce the giggles. So consider a few dabs before hitting the comedy club, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Grab both of these great products from Colorado’s very own Maggie’s Farm Marijuana Dispensaries!

CBD Concentrates

For those of us that require daily or chronic pain management, there’s really no modern substitute (to our knowledge) that beats a well-timed dab of high-CBD concentrates. Whether you’re battling yet another migraine, or simply attempting to rejuvenate after a stressful workday, the dab-able CBD cure is your best friend; so fire up that rig and heal yourself with these tasty, puffable elixirs:

20:1 CBD:THC Oil from Colorado Cannabis Co – This delicious product boasts the extraction of the entire flavor spectrum of each small batch of oil, so that the aromatic terpenes are fully present when complete. The great thing about this oil is that you can use it not just for dabbing, but also for bowl topping or skin care.

Ascend CBD DiamondsAscend Premium Cannabis Oil offer their “high CBD extract” for those interested in quick pain relief without the psychoactive properties associated with high levels of THC. Elevate yourself to a higher plane of well-being and “ascend” with this great product in your rig.

The Latest: Ways To Consume (Puffco)

For those that are looking to spice up their rig game, look no further than the stellar products from our friends at Puffco. “Unlock the true power of concentrates” with their Peak Smart Rig. Its sleek design, easily usable technology, and compactness make it a great addition to any dab-able situation. Its features include water filtration, hand-blown borosilicate glass, and a sturdy, rugged silicone base – just to name a few.

Local Company Spotlight: Pot Zero

We love filling our inserts with Pot Zero concentrates! This zero carbon carbon (!) and zero chemical (!) farm is nestled right under the watchful gaze of the Rocky Mountains, and utilizes fresh natural spring water that cascades down yearly to their beautiful property. Natural fertilizer comes with the help of their very own cattle herd, and the rest of the energy comes from our great mother: the Sun.

We are proud to support companies such as these that not only make great cannabis products, they also operate with a sustainable model and have their eye on the future of our fragile world. Be sure to check out great Pot Zero products in dispensary locations throughout Colorado!

Keep following the WaxNax blog for more of the latest trends and the best products in the ‘Concentrate Revolution’!

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