Dabbing For Your Health: Enhancing Your Fitness Routine With Cannabis

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

We’re only a month into 2019, but already this year has potential to be the biggest one yet when it comes to marijuana reform, research, and innovation. Advocates of the miracle drug, long-misunderstood in the eyes of law enforcement, are now making bold strides to provide necessary information to the mainstream public that highlights the many uses and benefits of cannabis. Here at WaxNax, we believe that THC (when responsibly administered) can be effective recreationally and also vital to something that is essential to everyone’s core: your Health!

Wellness of the mind and body are of paramount importance in our chaotic world. New workout fads, questionable fat-burning drugs, dangerous steroids, and genetically engineered energy drinks are just of a few of the myriad of modern distractions designed to help us, but it seems that ultimately they cause more harm than good. While there is no substitute for advice from a doctor or a fitness pro, we believe strongly that the availability of legal cannabis as a natural remedy and fitness enhancer is an amazing reality with boundless potential.

Keep reading as we discuss cannabis as it relates to an active lifestyle, and how to implement our amazing WaxNax products into your adventures.

Sativas & Sports

Sativa-dominant strains of marijuana are known for their abilities to jolt the patient out of lethargy and into a state of stimulation and high-energy. Their effects can quickly motivate you for your morning jog, and also make you think creatively about that next jump shot, or that next assist to score the winning goal, just to name a few of the many examples of cannabis Sativa’s benefits. Skip the espresso and hit that dab instead; Your body will thank you!

With so much innovation and development happening in the legal cannabis market, providing patients with specific condition-dependent strains is becoming increasingly easier. Whereas, before legalization it was extremely difficult to label the product being consumed – now, measured components of any particular cannabis product are all clearly printed on the packaging. Users can therefore now feel safer when utilizing certain strains for their needs, such as the heavy-sativa East Coast Sour Diesel, which will surely kickstart your energy regardless of the time of day.

Winding Down With Indicas

Relaxing and recovering after a big game or a strenuous workout can be quite difficult, and often logistically impossible. Our busy schedules tend to dictate our lives, and sometimes there simply isn’t enough time or opportunity to allow our brains and bodies some much-needed pain relief and rejuvenation. Indica-dominant cannabis strains are widely used for their positive effects on muscle and brain relaxation. Patients also effectively use Indicas for sleep disorders, which can seriously affect their ability to be active in their waking life.

Instead of continuing the use of cancer-causing sleeping pills, and managing your pain with highly addictive opiate-based medicines, here at WaxNax we say it’s high time for the tides to turn in favor of a substance that in contrast is being heavily studied as being central in the prevention and treatment of cancer (!). Next time your joints ache after a particularly long tennis match, put away the pain-killers and rip a healthy dab of Kosher Kush wax. With no known negative effects on the body (specifically the liver), you’ll be on your way to relaxation and pain relief in mere seconds!

The WaxNax Advantage: Dab’N’Go Fitness

Our industry-revolutionizing glass inserts are the ideal solution for the modern, dab-savvy, on-the-go adventurer. With meticulously measured pre-dose dabs, our users can expect a consistent experience that gets to the essence of your intentions. Whether you’re trying to amp up your aura at the start of practice, or attempting to ease the tension of a sore knee – WaxNax is here for your advantage.

Carrying our WaxNax glass inserts is hardly a hassle. Our “upcycle-able” cases are a great fit in any gym bag, purse, or pocket. Try the Huni Badger Vertical Vaporizer when puffing our products and you’ll surely be getting the biggest, fastest, and most direct ‘bang’ for your dab.

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