Is Smoking Dabs More Environmentally Friendly and Healthier Compared to Smoking Flower?

The Dab Revolution is taking the world by storm. Throughout the United States and other countries where medicinal or recreational pot is legal, beginners and connoisseurs alike are awakening to the exciting new possibilities in consuming concentrates. This new reality started from a niche market of intrepid growers and smokers, and has now developed into a fully realized industry that could very well outnumber the quantity of marijuana consumed in bud form. While it seems to be the “flavor of the week” in mass culture, trust us when we tell you, Dabs are not just a ‘fad’.

From the elections of 2016, through to the 2018 midterms – the legislature seems to be pointing heavily in the favor of universal legalization, and therefore states and municipalities are beginning to assess the impact and ramifications of the drug. Thankfully these new players in the cannabis game have many case studies to look at already.

When comparing the benefits of dabbing and smoking flower it is important to focus on the specific ways smokers consume both substances. When discussing environmental impact, the same concept holds true. Here at WaxNax, we believe there is one clear frontrunner. Keep reading as we break down the differences between consuming dabs and flower and their respective effects on sustainability in our fragile world.

What is Dabbing?

The act of ‘dabbing’ refers to the inhalation of concentrated marijuana that is heated over a medium using a tool called a ‘banger’. While there are many designs for dabbing tools, essentially the process remains the same throughout. This is often considered to be a stronger, faster, and more direct way to experience a noticeable and prolonged impact high. Not for the beginning smoker, this works amazingly well for those patients who desired immediate relief with minimal fuss.

Consuming Flower and Its Environmental Implications

Smoking dried marijuana buds has been the classic way to consume the drug since ancient times. From the Asian steppes to the arid expanses of the Middle East, puffing the sacred herb developed from simple pipes to the extravagant bongs, bowls, hookahs, joints, and blunts of today. At WaxNax, we believe there is no RIGHT way to consume the miracle medicine, but we do believe that there are ways to consume that are less harmful for yourself, and the environment.

Consuming dried cannabis through the use of a pipe or bong may also be quite direct when desiring quick pain relief. However, the health risks associated with direct inhalation of butane fumes, in conjunction with the resin build-up in the device certainly are detriments to the  medicinal nature of the herb.

Environmentally, the act of smoking flower can be quite negative. Many everyday smokers rely on the use of paper via blunts and joints. While there are more and more hemp-based paper solutions available, in general the wood pulp-based standard of rolling paper wastes trees, the discarded guts of cigars litter our streets and fill our waste-baskets, creating more unnecessary production and pollution that our planet can no longer sustain.

Dabs, The Environment & Your Health

Next, we’ll discuss the implications of dabbing compared to those of smoking flower. The act of dabbing is usually done with rigs that have several different compartments within that the heated concentrated travels through before it gets to you. This is a great benefit in that it eliminates the amounts of butane fumes your body intakes through the act of smoking. This is highly superior than smoking flower, which, as mentioned above can quite harmful through pipes and other types of devices.

Environmentally, the impact of consuming dab-ables is quite minimal when comparing it to its highly wasteful and polluting counterpart. Smokers who dab are not only preventing unnecessary waste & pollution, they are also doing their part in not participating in the destruction of forests. Thus, dabbing increases the oxygen in our air, and with products like WaxNax, it’s ease of use and disposability will surely put at rest the worried mind of any environmentally-conscious discerning toker.

The WaxNax Advantage

Here at WaxNax, we take pride in doing our best to make our products as environmentally sustainable as we can. Specifically, we offer our ½ cut glass insert design that creates a substantially less wasteful footprint compared to other popular inserts on the market. This reduced glass insert technology makes us one of the most forward-thinking (and also one of the first) concentrate companies that deal in the individualized dabbing experience.

And that’s not all! We also offer sustainable packaging. However, unlike other industry packaging (such as dispensary take-home bags), our cases offer much more than recyclability. Sure, the cases our glass inserts come in are indeed fully ‘RE’cyclable and are made out of food grade polypropylene, but the real advantage comes in the form of ‘UP’cycling. This term refers to the repurposing of recyclable materials. Our child-safe packaging can be used for many things, such as stashing your dab tools!  


The answer here is quite clear. When assessing environmental & health benefits of smoking flower and smoking dabs – dabbing comes out on top. At WaxNax, we believe that universal self-care and patient comfort, although paramount, should not come at the expensive price of health risks and environmental damage. Luckily, with the ever-expanding “Green Rush”, we are beginning to see exponential growth in innovation and sustainability. We cannot wait for what lies ahead.

Keep following the WaxNax blog for more great reads on cannabis culture, cannabis law, and other pertinent information for the modern smoker. May the Wax(Nax) be with you!