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For CannaMom’s, starting the day right is essential to maintaining the balance between their personal and parental responsibilities. It is no easy feat to juggle parenting while being an advocate for the cannabis lifestyle. However, it is possible to make it work with a good morning routine that sets you up for success.

WaxNax and Terp Pen.
WaxNax and Terp Pen.

For this CannaMom KC Santana, her morning routine starts before the sunrises, including a combination of meditation, reading, and exercise. All while incorporating her choice of cannabis concentrates or flower.

Check Out CannaMom KC Santana’s non negotiable morning routine:

  • 5AM – 6AM: Wake Up & Drink Water
  • 6AM — 6:15AM: Grabbing my coffee and my choice of concentrates or flower and heading over to my reading area. This weeks choice of concentrates are Crushed Diamonds by Raw Garden with a side of Live Resin CBD from Cherry Blossom Hemp.
  • 6:15AM – 6:30AM: With my coffee, WaxNax, saber and Focus V Carta2 (E-Rig Master Minded Distribution ) I begin my day with a sip, puff, meditation and prayer!
  • 6:30AM – 6:50AM: Read 10 pages of my choice of book for the month. This month I’m reading Jordan Peterson’s “Beyond Order 12 More Rules For Life”
  • 6:50AM – 7:45AM: Coffee, dab and hit the pavement for my first workout of the day.
  • 7:45AM – 8:30AM: It’s MOM LIFE TIME… Coffee, dab, breakfast and get the kids ready for school.
  • 8:30AM: Grab car keys and off we go to start the day!


KC’s morning routine is a great example of how to balance cannabis consumption and an active, productive lifestyle. By incorporating cannabis into her routine, she is able to stay focused, motivated, and maintain a positive mindset. Her non-negotiable must-haves every morning demonstrate that you don’t have to choose between being a mom and enjoying cannabis. It’s all about finding a balance that works for you.

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– WaxNax Team


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