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Black Terp Pen & WaxNax (x2) Combo Kit


The perfect starting combo pack or travel combo pack for those who enjoy concentrates, this kit includes everything you need to get started on-the-go. The kit features the Black Terp Pen by Boundless Technologies, which provides a quick and easy way to vaporize your favorite waxes or oils. Additionally, you will receive two empty WaxNax units, one in black and one in white, with each unit featuring a one-gram capacity and 20 inserts per unit.

The WaxNax packaging includes several useful accessories, such as tweezers, a sticker

QR code with instructions on how to use the product, and an instruction card with additional information. Sold completely empty, this combo pack does not include any live product, giving you the flexibility to customize your concentrate experience as you see fit.

Get ready to enjoy your concentrates with ease, convenience, and style with this ultimate travel combo pack.

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