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Millennials & Marijuana: Do Today’s Smokers Prefer Concentrates?

Millennials, or Generation Y as they’re also known, are a demographic that is defined as being born between the years 1981-1996 and reaching young adulthood in the beginning of the 21st century. Compared to the waning generations (boomers, generation X), millennials are coming into their own as a force in many facets of society and culture. From political movements to responsible economic development, it seems that this group is poised to lead the charge of progress, well into the 21st century and beyond.

Progress in the legal cannabis market is an extension of this, as millennials are becoming tastemakers and trendsetters for many new methods of consumption and new products. Certainly, mainstream marijuana (flower, hashish) has gone through quite a lot of change and development; we’re only now seeing the tip of the iceberg in regards to how far it can go.

Do Millennials Prefer Concentrates? Keep reading as we discuss the implications of this question — taking into consideration the past, present, and the future of cannabis.

Historical Concentrates

Although seemingly a new phenomenon, extracted cannabis products have actually been used as far back as during the times of ancient China. Approximately 2500 – 4000 years ago, our ancestors began to cultivate and harvest cannabis in order to extract oil to use as balms and salves. Early attempts at “vaporization” involved placing buds on heated rocks and inhaling the smoke.

“Hashish”, made by heating and packing resin from dried buds is perhaps the closest ancestral offering that resembles today’s various forms of dabs. Hashish originated in areas of India, Pakistan and Nepal, and was also thought to have been spread along the ‘Silk Road’ – the compact and preservable nature of the concentrate being ideal for long voyages in adverse conditions.

A Cloudy Present

It seems that the short answer to the question, “Do Today’s Smoker’s Prefer Concentrates?”, is a resounding “Yes!”. Traveling to any recently legalized state (of which there are now many), you’ll undoubtedly notice a tremendous supply of every different type of dab product. From budder to shatter, live resin to wax, those looking to experience all the exotic flavors and terpenes are in luck. In addition to concentrates, the present reality of the legal cannabis market also includes a great deal of innovation in smoking methods, with new rigs and compact consumption devices appearing on a regular basis.

This begs the question, Why do Millennials prefer Concentrates? There are many reasons, chief among these is that due to their nature, concentrates simply pack a bigger punch than flower. For a generation that’s constantly searching for the best value for their investment, this seems like a perfect fit. The compactness and discreteness of concentrates are also instrumental in making them more preferred to flower. No longer does one have to “stick out like a sore thumb” in public while carrying/smoking smelly flower; you just pop some wax in your vape pen, and you’re on your way to fast, discreet relief!

A Future of Exponential Growth

We’ve already seen an enormous amount of growth in technology and innovation in just a few short years of legal cannabis (such as our own Wax Nax Inserts). We’re proud to be at the forefront of the Concentrate Revolution, and we predict that in the coming years we’ll see many new configurations of extract, new methods, and interesting and unique devices that will make our quest for stellar personal wellness that much easier. For concentrates, the future burns bright!

WaxNax THC Pre-Fill Launch

As mentioned in our previous blog, WaxNax Pre-Fills are coming soon! The Gen I THC Pre-Fills are a great way to ensure proper dosage and maximum satisfaction, all while puffing on classic flavors such as Blueberry Headband, Master Kush, and Orange Herijuana. The pre-fills will initially come in full-gram packs.

Stay tuned to the WaxNax blog for more info on “The Concentrate Revolution”, and be sure to grab some of our new Pre-Fills from a dispensary near you!

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