Thinking about embarking into the world of marijuana, but worried about the health risks it might pose? Pondering the jump from flower to concentrate, but put off by the complexities of dabbing? Searching for a less irritable alternative to ease that perpetual smoker’s cough? Do you use dab pens because of their portability, despite not loving the high they produce? In fear of traditional dabbing’s intensity, which forces you to stick to dab pens? Hate pens, but would love the power to dab on-the-go? Love the high from concentrates, but hate the process of preparing the rig? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, keep reading: WaxNax is the solution you’ve been searching for! 

The debate over whether dabs are healthier than flower is still ongoing, with proponents from each side justifying their argument’s validity through not much more than personal experience and stoner myths. Many dab users report cleaner hits with less lung irritation when compared to flower, and an increasing number of people who don’t normally smoke are buying and using concentrates as a healthier alternative.

On the other side of the argument, a recent ASU study polling 574 stoners in the US found that the majority of respondents viewed dabbing as the most common source of negative side-effects, such as weed hangovers, paranoia, and memory problems (Roberts). But, the authors of the study admit that these negative effects were reported as “uncommon and mild” from both concentrates and flower (Roberts). Further, we must always be wary of surveys as they lack substantial statistical reliability by nature. Perhaps the reason concentrates were viewed negatively was because users consistently miss-dosed their dabs, using far too much concentrate for their own good, leading them to get far too high for comfort.

We must sadly admit that much more research is needed before we will be able to back any of these claims with concrete, scientific evidence. Good thing we won’t have to wait long! As legalization continues its rapid spread, there will be greater opportunities for research.

Luckily, there are some assertions and conclusions we can draw from the limited research already conducted on the topic, as well as from informed, professional opinion. As you’ll notice, many of the drawbacks to using concentrates are no longer apparent when one uses WaxNax products.

Eliminate the Disadvantages of Dabbing with WaxNax

Laura Lagano– a Cannabis Clinician, Consultant, and Author– says that she would recommend dabs over flower to a patient if they were in extreme pain because “it doesn’t do as much damage to the lungs as smoking” (Esher). But, she also notes that dabs are difficult to dose correctly, and complicated to consume (Esher). Good thing WaxNax is here to supply you with consistent, pre-dosed hits, making it easy to know exactly how much cannabis you’re consuming. If you’re worried about the complexities of dabbing administration, pair a Waxnax kit with a vertical vaporizer from our friends over at HuniBadger; it makes dabbing our inserts simple, safe, and portable, easing Laura’s concerns.

Some worry that dabs are too intense for the uninitiated consumer, as getting too high (which can be quite easy while dabbing) with no tolerance can lead to hallucinations, paranoia, and a sense of paralysis. However, this likely occurs when the concentrate is too potent, or too much is used for the dab. The solution: our half-gram WaxNax kits with conservatively portioned, pre-dosed 25 mg 1:1 CBD-to-THC dabs– currently in the R&D phase– that are sure to leave the newcomer feeling just the right amount of high. Stay tuned!

Smoke vs. Vapor

The most prominent and noticeable justification to dab rather than use flower is that smoking flower involves inhaling (you guessed it) smoke, while dabbing entails puffing vapor (Rogard). As you smoke a joint or bowl, you burn the whole flower, which produces tar and different chemical compounds, some of which are known to be carcinogens and can lead to chronic bronchitis and even cancer (WayofLeaf Staff). Many draw links between the dangers of smoking joints and the dangers of smoking cigarettes. This makes dabbing the perfect choice for the health-conscious pothead, as well as for the constant-coughing toker looking to rest their weary lungs.

Other research has found similar problems with dabbing, although of notably less concern than those from smoking. One study found that at high temperatures, dabbing “produced dangerous chemicals, including benzene, a well-known carcinogen and pollutant” (Rogard). However, by heating concentrates at lower temperatures (e.g. low 300-degree range), dabbing does not produce these chemicals (WayofLeaf Staff). The hard part is making sure you don’t apply too much heat.

With WaxNax’s glass inserts, the risk of overheating is made negligible. We give users the power to cold-start-dab— the process of dropping a WaxNax insert into the banger prior to heating. 

Rather than having to take a wild-guess at the perfect point of heat before dropping an eye-balled glob into the rig, the cold-start-dab enables the user to observe the perfect point of heat as the concentrate begins to vaporize. Even if you don’t choose to cold-start, our inserts prevent concentrates from heating up as quickly and from reaching as high temperatures as they do when used in the traditional dabbing process. Regardless of how you smoke WaxNax inserts, the risk of inhaling dangerous chemicals is minimized. And, because our inserts don’t allow the concentrate to heat up as much as traditional dabbing does, the vapor will be less irritable to the throat and lungs, so the hit will be less overwhelming. To those concentrate connoisseurs reading this post, you may be intrigued to learn that applying reduced temperatures while dabbing has also been found to produce more flavorful hits (WayofLeaf)!

If you had any hesitations about making the switch to dabs, we hope that this blog helped you come to a decision– whatever that decision may be. Of course, we believe our product is the best option for users who are health conscious, who are new to dabbing or the marijuana world, who want to dab on-the-go, who want a less messy dabbing experience, or who just want cleaner hits– but we also understand that our product is not for everyone.

If you find yourself with sufficient funds– experiment! Try a full gram WaxNax dab kit for about $40, and let us know what you think. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? You’ll probably be using that money for weed either way!


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