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Welcome back to The Dab Digest! This week, we discuss how to dab using WaxNax. Discover how our innovative inserts can revolutionize your dabbing experience and take it to new levels. Let’s explore the ins and outs of using WaxNax for the ultimate dabbing journey!


Dabbing Made Easy

Elevate your dabbing experience with WaxNax! Our shot glass-like inserts are designed to offer a smooth and effortless dabbing experience unlike any other. Dive in and explore the ultimate way to savor your concentrates!

WaxNax Dab Kit: Pre-Filled Inserts


Wide Range of Compatibility

WaxNax inserts are compatible with a variety of setups, including traditional rigs, electric rigs, and nectar collectors. Enjoy the simplicity of dabbing with our inserts, no matter what device you prefer.


Ultimate Travel Experience

Take WaxNax with you wherever you go! Our versatile shot glass-like inserts allow you to carry multiple strains in one convenient package. Experience hassle-free dabbing on-the-go with any portable device.

WaxNax Travel Dabs


How to Use WaxNax Inserts

With a Torch and Traditional Rig (Cold Start and Traditional)

  1. Cold Start Method: Place your desired concentrate into the WaxNax insert. Heat your dab rig with a torch until it reaches a low temperature with insert in nail. Carefully place the carb cap on the the heated nail and begin dabbing as the concentrate vaporizes.
  2. Traditional Method: Heat your dab rig nail with a torch until it’s red hot. Allow the nail to cool slightly before placing the WaxNax insert inside. Once inserted, dab your concentrate onto the hot nail and enjoy!
WaxNax Insert – Cold Start Dab

With an Electronic Rig

  1. Load your preferred concentrate into the WaxNax insert.
  2. Insert the WaxNax insert into the designated chamber of your electronic rig.
  3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for operating your electronic rig and enjoy a smooth dabbing experience.

Exp: Dr. Dabber and Puffco

WaxNax with PuffCo

With Nectar Collectors

  1. Load your concentrate into the WaxNax insert.
  2. Heat the tip of your nectar collector until it’s red hot using a torch.
  3. Once heated, carefully touch the hot tip to the WaxNax insert in the packaging and inhale as the concentrate vaporizes.

Exp: Dip Devices & Boundless Technology

Dip Device with WaxNax


Experience the convenience and versatility of WaxNax inserts for yourself and elevate your dabbing experience today!


If you are interested in learning more about WaxNax check out our website and YouTube Channel: and


Thank you for checking out this weeks Dab Digest, until next time…

Happy Dabbing!

The WaxNax Team

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