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WaxNax Holiday Gift Guide For Stoners 2022

Welcome to WaxNax’s last minute stoner Christmas gift guide! 

Here, you’ll find an awesome selection of our favorite stoner Christmas gift ideas for this holiday season. 

Whether you’re searching for a perfect rig for your special someone, the perfect stoner christmas movie, or an educational book that’ll give your anti-weed aunt the canna-Christmas spirit, look no further.

Rigs, Nectar Collectors, and Accessories

In this section, you’ll find our favorite dab products, ranging from cheap but durable mini rigs to electric nails and regular torches. 

Twin Shot Dual Flame Jet Torch - Fusion - Dab Nation

Sometimes the best gifts aren’t the ones that cost the most; they’re the ones we need the most. Fusion’s Twin Shot Dual Flame Jet Torch is a great example. Is your significant other constantly complaining about his beat-up or budget torch? Then the Fusion is a perfect gift option. Available on Dab Nation’s online store, the Fusion’s added safety features also make it an outstanding choice for the weary entry-level dabber.

Orbis Lume Water Pipe - GRAV Labs

Looking for a phenomenal but cost-efficient torch-heated rig? The Lume from GRAV Labs is a perfect choice. Small but effective, the Lume is an ideal gift for people who’ve only owned one or two rigs thus far in their dabbing careers. Plus, with a sleek but durable design, you know it’ll be used for years to come.

Infinity Mini Rig - MJ Arsenal

A super small and semi-portable rig that’s about the size of two BIC lighters, MJ Arsenal’s Infinity Mini Rig is perfect for cost-sensitive folks looking for an excellent, highly functional gift. Discreet due to its easily-hideable size, it’s a wonderful gift for a sibling who still lives with your parents.

Odyssey Enail Full Kit - Galaxy Enails

While a little pricey, that old saying definitely holds true for Galaxy’s Odyssey Enail: you get what you pay for. It’s a perfect gift for connoisseur dabbers who value heat control and flavor profiles but prefer traditional glass rigs over electric rigs.

Terp Pen - Boundless Technology

An easy-to-use electric nectar collector that’s super portable and discreet– appearing just like a regular pen. A fabulous gift for introductory-level dabbers who fear the torch and loathe coughing spells, The Terp Pen from Boundless Tech is also crazy cheap at $29.99! People needing a more portable dabbing experience will also love this product.

Dr. Dabber

The Boost Evo

The Switch

Two perfect options for any toker. Whether they’re the dab-or-die connoisseur, the first-time dabber, or the vape-only cloud god who flips between vaped nug and dabs, The Boost and The Switch have you covered. Dr. Dabber produces high-tech and highly durable electric-heating rigs that are sure to put a smile on your sibling’s or significant other’s face. The Switch is the more premium option, hosting a larger body and 25 heat settings, and priced at $100 more than the Boost Evo. Though the Boost Evo only hosts 6 heat settings, it’s still an excellent choice for those looking to save. It’s also more portable for on-the-go adventures.

Little Dipper and WaxNax Combo Pack - Dip Devices

Perhaps the most portable gift on the list, the Little Dipper and WaxNax combo pack is ideal for toking on Christmas day dog walks. Fitting easily in your pocket, Dip Device’s Little Dipper is a discreet and highly functional electric nectar collector that fits perfectly into WaxNax’s portioned inserts. No need to dose your dabs on the go; pre-fill your WaxNax inserts and use the Little Dipper to hit them on the go. The best part? They’re on a 25% sale right now! Get the combo kit for only $50 today.

Stoner Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes the smallest gifts are the most fun. Many of these products are available for next-day delivery — check them out for a last-minute stoner Christmas gift!

Hidden Stash Glasses - ViceRays

What do you give the stoner who has everything? Fully functional sunglasses with hidden doobie compartments, that’s what. ViceRays makes sleek and stylish glasses with removable arm compartments sure to give your dad, mom, sibling, or significant other a pleasant surprise.

Budsy Water Bottle Bong - PuffCo

The most discreet bong we’ve ever seen, the Budsy Water Bottle Bong looks like a high-end water bottle. But don’t let that fool you. This thing is a fully functional bong! Ideal for flower smokers who crave portability and discreteness, you’ll never need to worry about hiding or breaking the PuffCo Budsy Water Bottle Bong. Also a great gift idea for stoner golfers and adventurers!

12” Foot Long Rolling Papers - Raw

Super cheap and always a welcomed gift for flower smokers, Raw’s 12” rolling papers are the perfect stocking surprise. At a 50% discount, they’re only $3.75 on Amazon right now– making them a perfect gag gift. But, they’re also fun to use for those paper people who love rolling massive bats.

Ashtray with Permanent Match Lighter - YUSUD

This super cool metallic ashtray with a built-in never-ending metal match is sure to please any toker. At a 10% discount, it’s only $21.59 on Amazon, AND it’s available for next-day delivery, making it a perfect last-minute Christmas stocking stuffer.

‘Best Bud’ Weed Socks - Funatic

A cute and punny classic, these weed socks are the perfect gift for any stoner. If you’re not sure what weed-themed item to get your stoner cousin, these socks are a safe bet. And, just like the ashtray, they’re available for next-day delivery on Amazon.

Weed Books and Magazines

Fat Nugs Magazine

Fat Nugs Magazine brings cannabis culture to life through story, art, comedy, parody, education, science, and much more. A gift for impassioned stoners and non-stoners hoping to learn more about the culture and industry. Talented writers and artists make every page of each edition a spectacular adventure, especially since the mag is focused on talent and story, rejecting the practice of selling out to corporate sponsors.

Marijuana Debunked - Ed Gogek

Describing itself as a “handbook for parents, pundits and politicians who want to know the case against legalization,” Marijuana Debunked is the perfect gift for winning over that anti-weed family member. Written by Ed Gogek, MD, it’s available for next-day delivery on Amazon, but supply is running out quickly! Don’t wait — order a copy today.

Stoner Christmas Movies

With DVDs a thing of the past, the days of giftable movies seem behind us. But, after a long day of family fun, these flicks will help you unwind and exhale the stench of heated familial arguments.

The Night Before

My favorite Christmas movie from the 2010s, The Night Before is sure to leave you and your family rolling over laughing, especially if paired with a sibling smoking sesh. The film follows a group of three friends (Seth Rogan included) as they set out on their annual Christmas Eve traditions, drinking, smoking, rekindling old love, and searching for the legendary ‘Nutcracka Ball’ party.

Friday After Next

If you’re looking for a more stoney-baloney movie experience, Ice Cube’s Friday After Next will leave you geeking. An early 2000s movie, the film follows two main characters who are forced to get jobs when a robber breaks in and steals their Christmas presents.


A certified Christmas classic that needs no introduction. Though weed is absent from the film, it will still bring you many a stoney laugh. A light-hearted and PG film, Elf is sure to satisfy the preferences of everyone in your family– whether they’re high or not.

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