Where It All Began

After a long day of surfing and hanging out on the beach in Southern California, our lead founder & CEO Lex Kaplan developed the WaxNax concept. What is WaxNax, and how was it created? After this long day, Lex came back to his apartment to indulge in the green goodness. A gram of BHO shatter sat on the table in the room Lex was in, and he started rolling individual dab balls when he suddenly had a realization. “Why aren’t dabs packaged and sold in individual doses?” This is where WaxNax began.

After a few months of research and development, the founders realized that the product needed improvements from the original “shatter ball” concept. WaxNax pivoted to preloaded glass inserts that aim to keep bangers clean, reduce excess packaging, allow dabbers to know their dosage, improve the flavor of concentrates, and simplify the dabbing process. Over the past year of research, we’ve created the best insert to improve your dabbing experience. WaxNax can be consumed with multiple devices including: your everyday rig/quartz banger, puffco peak, the huni badger, the dip stick, etc. WaxNax is focused on innovating and improving the dabbing experience for all concentrate users.

Mission Statement

WaxNax exists to improve & perfect the dabbing experience while eliminating excess packaging and reducing our carbon footprint.

How We Achieve Our Mission

WaxNax plans to reinvent the wheel when it comes to dabbing concentrates. WaxNax is a product loaded with benefits. The key benefits highlighted below include cleanliness, reduced packaging, dosage and strain variety.


Tired of using q-tips to keep your banger clean? We know your pain… which is why we’ve created WaxNax! WaxNax inserts keep concentrates confined to the insert, and eliminate leftover residue on your banger. Our inserts are covered with silicon caps immediately after the filling process to maintain the terpene profile producing the best tasting dab possible. Finally, WaxNax inserts serve as a protective boundary to elongate every dab & eliminate wasted concentrates.

Environmentally Friendly

The founders of WaxNax noticed a problem in the current cannabis market, and that problem is packaging. Currently the cannabis industry produces an unnecessary amount of waste for the environment. We believe that it’s important for every company to minimize their carbon footprint and aid in bettering the world. WaxNax has taken the initiative to reduce our glass use by ½ compared to glass drums that concentrate are currently packaged & sold in. In addition, we’ve partnered up with Crativ boxes, they were recently named as one of the most sustainable packaging solutions in the industry by High Times Magazine.


Our glass inserts are pre-dosed so consumers know exactly how much product they’re ingesting when dabbing. Currently, there are no forms of pre-dosed concentrates on the market. This allows consumers to regiment themselves and figure out their daily consumption needs.

Multi Strains

We hook it up… WaxNax offers a quarter-gram, half-gram, and full-gram pack (7 dabs in the quarter, 14 in the half, and 20 in the full) Dabbers are able to experiment with different strains without breaking their bank. For instance, a dabber can purchase a half-gram of morning dabs (sativa) & a half-gram of bedtime dabs (indica) instead of being limited to one strain per gram. Be on the lookout for CBD!

Cold Start Dabs

Ever heard of a cold start or reverse dab? Until recently, neither had we! Traditional low-temp dabs are taken by pre-heating a banger and then dabbing the concentrate. A cold start/reverse dab is quite the opposite. First the dabber will load the concentrate onto the nail/banger and then slowly heat it, maximizing terpene flavors when consumed. However, you can’t really have a session with friends using the cold start method because it’s necessary to have a cool clean surface before each start…NOT ANYMORE! WaxNax is the perfect product for cold start/reverse dabbing sessions. Simply drop in the insert, heat, RIP, remove, and repeat. Say goodbye to cleaning!

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