About Us

Our Story

CEO and lead founder Lex Kaplan was indulging in some cannabis concentrate after a long day at the beach in Southern California. He was rolling up dab balls to portion out his concentrate and suddenly thought to himself, “Why aren’t dabs packaged and sold in individual doses?” This question is what motivated Lex to form WaxNax LLC. In September of 2018 WaxNax began developing a solution to the current consumption methods of cannabis concentrate users.

The Solution?

After a few months of research and development, the founders realized that the product needed improvements from the original “dab ball” concept. Waxnax pivoted to a preloaded glass insert concept that allows consumers to regulate their dosage, improves the flavor of concentrate, reduces excess packaging, and simplifies the dabbing process. Over the past year of research, we’ve created the best insert to improve your concentrate consumption experience. WaxNax can be consumed with multiple devices including: rigs/quartz banger, puffco peak, the huni badger, the dip device, nectar collectors, etc. WaxNax is focused on innovating and improving the dabbing experience for all concentrate users.

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Mission Statement

WaxNax exists to improve and perfect the concentrate experience while pushing the entire cannabis industry forward through innovation.

Ever wondered how many milligrams of concentrate you’re dabbing? Ever wonder how much is wasted on that wax paper or in that glass jar? Ever been frustrated having to clean up after a messy dab session? Us too! But now, there’s a solution, WaxNax.


WaxNax vs. Regular Dabbing

How We Achieve Our Mission

WaxNax is reinventing the wheel when it comes to consuming concentrates. Our inserts give users the ability to regulate their dosage and enjoy a consistent experience. WaxNax is a product loaded with benefits, including: increased taste, controlled dosage, consistent experience, and reduces the amount of wasted concentrate.

Dose Control

Currently, no forms of pre-dosed concentrates exist in the market. Therefore, consumers have little to no control or accuracy of their concentrate consumption experience. Our glass inserts are individually measured and pre-filled, so consumers now know exactly how much concentrate they are consuming with each hit. This allows consumers to regiment themselves and identify their consumption needs.

Consistent Experience

The WaxNax team recognized a problem with consistency in the cannabis concentrate market. Currently, concentrate users regulate their own dose with little to no accuracy or consistency. WaxNax solves this problem by providing precision dosage for each hit in a pre-filled format. By knowing the exact dose per insert, WaxNax users can confidently consume concentrate with a consistent experience.

Cold Start Dabs

Ever heard of a cold start or reverse dab? A cold start or reverse dab is the opposite of a traditional dab. A traditional dab is achieved by heating a quartz nail with a torch and then placing your concentrate on the hot nail to vaporize, this creates an intimidating and inconsistent process.

Cold start or reverse dabbing is a simplified process, the user places the concentrate directly on to the quartz nail and then begins heating. The product slowly melts, boils and finally vaporizes. At this point the user places their carb cap on the nail and begins to inhale. Cold start dabbing insures proper vaporization temperature, guaranteeing the most robust flavor. WaxNax inserts make cold start dabbing easy and convenient. Simply place our insert on your nail and begin heating, cover, consume, and enjoy. Once finished with the hit simply use the WaxNax provided tweezers to remove the inserts eliminating contamination and the need to constantly clean your smoking device. The barrier created by our inserts insures a consistent and flavorful hit.


Tired of using q-tips to keep your rig clean? We know your pain and we are here to help. WaxNax inserts keep concentrates confined to the insert, eliminating leftover residue and the need to constantly clean your banger. The barrier created by our inserts ensures the most robust flavor every time, while simultaneously decreasing wasted concentrate by allowing the user to reheat unused concentrate.

Portability & Compatability

WaxNax pre-filled inserts are perfect for taking on the go. Our sleek packaging and versatile inserts eliminate the need to bring all your equipment with you everywhere you go. Grab a pack of WaxNax and your favorite nectar collector, Dip Device, Puffco Peak, Huni-Badger, etc. and start enjoying your concentrate straight out of the box.

Environmentally Friendly

The founders of WaxNax noticed a problem in the current cannabis market, and that problem is packaging. Currently the cannabis industry produces an unnecessary amount of waste for the environment. We believe that it’s important for every company to minimize their carbon footprint and aid in bettering the world. WaxNax has taken the initiative to reduce our glass use by ½ compared to glass drums that concentrate are currently packaged & sold in. In addition, we’ve partnered up with Crativ boxes, they were recently named as one of the most sustainable packaging solutions in the industry by High Times Magazine.